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Rainwater harvesting by the market leader in plastic tanks

Underground rainwater harvesting systems from GRAF make both ecological and economic sense. Up to 50% of drinking water can be saved, preserving groundwater reserves and taking the strain off of wastewater treatment systems. The flat Platin tank with a volume of 1500 l or more, is easy to install yourself. The large Carat XXL tank with a volume of up to 100 000 l can handle a large rainwater requirement. GRAF complete packages provide everything you need for professional rainwater harvesting. For use in the garden or home, suitable for pedestrian or vehicle loading - everything is possible!

GRAF Rainwater harvesting tanks

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System design of a rainwater harvesting system Professional for use in the home and garden. 

GRAF Plastics Australia Rainwater Harvesting Tank

System design of a rainwater harvesting system garden Comfort for use in the garden. 

Rainwater harvesting tank for the garden

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