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Stormwater retention retains the natural cycle

Local stormwater retention and detention is often required by law. As more and more ground is sealed with buildings, car parks and roads, the sewer system is having to work harder and the risk of flooding increases. GRAF stormwater detention and retention tanks are here to help. They make sense both ecologically and economically because they take the strain off the sewer network and save surface water drainage charges.

EcoBloc maxx

Stormwater management system with various applications, Lorry-bearing 40 tons/HS-20, 410 m³ (14.480 ft³)/Truck

Here you can find general information about infiltration and dimensioning.

Rainwater Retention tank with infiltration system


Please find here a selection of references for the installation of GRAF Rain Bloc (predecessor product EcoBloc Inspect flex) and GRAF Infiltration Tunnel.


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